Institute for Healthcare Improvement

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement ( IHI ) offers resources and services to help health care organizations make dramatic and long-lasting improvements that enhance clinical outcomes and reduce costs. Visit the website to pick up tips for your medical office. Anna Johnson, the Associate Director of the AAMA, had a wonderful experience at an IHI conference. IHI is very complementing of the medical assisting profession.

National Convention

The AAMA national convention is a great way to earn CEUs in administrative, clinical and transdisciplinary topics in addition to meeting fellow colleagues from all over the country. If you are planning to go to the national convention and don’t have a roommate, contact any of our officers. If you would like to download the 2003 convention brochure, simply click here.

FDA MedWatch

MedWatch safety alerts delivered to you clinically important medical product safety alerts; and concise, timely information about the drugs and devices you use, prescribe, or dispense every day directly from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To sign up for the e-mail list, visit

Planning a Program?

Get a speaker for your next meeting!

Visit the NIH Office of Science Education’s website that has a free speakers bureau .

Visit MdBio’s SpeakerSearch to find a speaker.

Press Releases

Read the most recent health and science related press releases from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Visit for more details.

Health/Medical Information

Visit the world’s largest medical library and creator of Medline/PubMed at

Film Festival

Free weekly feature films on health or science topics. Following the film, will be a discussion with an expert on the topic and a question and answer session. The Festival normally starts in July. For schedule and information visit

NIH Lifeworks

Career exploration in health and medical science at .

Virginia Society of Medical Assistants

Take advantage of programs offered by the Virginia Society of Medical Assistants. Visit their website at

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